Julian the Scarlet Raven: Great Guide

Julian the Scarlet Raven: Great Guide

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Julian the Scarlet Raven, is a mage hero who can be hard to beat. To beat him, you need to be able to think quickly and practise a lot. Don’t worry, though; we’ll walk you through it by breaking down his skills, suggesting builds, and giving you beginner’s advice.

Julian the Scarlet Raven: How Julian’s Skills Are Different

Julian is special because he has a lot of skills. He doesn’t have an ultimate power like other heroes do. He can instead level up his third skill right away. Each skill has a better version that you can use when you combine any two skills. To be good at Julian, you need to use his moves in team fights in a smart way.

Julian the Scarlet Raven: Passive – The Story of Smith

After using two different skills, Julian makes his third skill better. Not only does this improve his basic strikes, but it also makes all of his skills dull for a while. When you land these improved attacks, they will bring foes closer and give you more magic lifesteal. To avoid having to go back to base a lot, you need to be good at spamming during the laning process.

First skill: scythe

Julian’s main weapon for dealing damage is the Scythe. It does the most damage, so max it out first. The improved version slows foes down more severely and keeps hurting them even after hitting them. When you time your Chain stun just right, use Enhanced Scythe to kill your enemies.

Skill 2: Sword: Julian’s moving skill is the sword. With the improved form, he can dash through walls and stay unbeatable for a short time. This can save your life in a pinch by giving you a short time of protection. It’s great for getting away from ganks and hurting enemies who are stuck in the middle.

Skill 3: Chain Chain is a flexible skill that can hurt enemies and stop them from moving. The improved version does more than just slow down enemies; at the end of the time, it also throws them into the air. Plan how you’ll use Chain to start team fights, get away, or help your friends get killed.

Builds that we recommend

  • To get the most out of Julian’s skills, think about these things:
  • symbol: Pick the Mage symbol to boost your magic power and shorten the time it takes to heal.
  • Flicker is a great battle spell for quick escapes or strikes that catch you off guard.
  • Build: Pay attention to things like the Lightning Truncheon, Arcane Boots, and Holy Crystal that boost magic power and shorten cooldowns.

In conclusion

It may take a while to master Julian Mobile Legends, but if you have the right skills, badges, and builds, you’ll be able to take over the EXP lane very quickly. Try out different combos and work on your timing, and the Scarlet Raven will become an unbeatable force on the battlefield. Have fun and good luck on AGENGACOR!