The Caltech Jazz Band: Gets the Crowd Ready

The Caltech Jazz Band: Gets the Crowd Ready

In honor of the Annual Jazz Guest Artist Concert on January 27, the Caltech Jazz Band, led by the wonderful Barb Catlin, will be present. They are going to rock the stage, so get ready for a night full of good vibes and smooth music. Alex Acuña, a great Peruvian drummer and percussionist, and Mary Fettig, a famous saxophonist and flute, are the two artists who are getting the most attention this year.

The Caltech Jazz Band: Well-known for his jazz, This is Alex Acuña

The Caltech Jazz Band: Gets the Crowd Ready

From Weather Report to Perez Prado, this book is a trip through rhythm.

Alex Acuña is the one who gets the party going tonight! He began his music career with Perez Prado. Now he became famous as a part of the famous jazz supergroup Weather Report. You can’t say enough about how important his beats on the legendary jazz song “Heavy Weather” are to the history of the music. This very skilled drummer has worked with many famous singers, such as Paul McCartney, Ella Fitzgerald, and Elvis Presley. He is a true star in the music business; in November of last year, he was given the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Caltech Jazz Band: The saxophone is being used by Mary Fettig to break down traditional barriers.

Fettig’s saxophone style has been loved by everyone from Stan Kenton to the world stage.

It was Mary Fettig who was the first woman to play saxophone in the Stan Kenton Orchestra. She brings her deep saxophone and flute skills to the stage. She’s breaking down walls like never before. Some of the great jazz musicians she has worked with a lot during her long career are Flora Purim, Airto, and Joe Henderson. In addition to playing in studios, Fettig often plays at prestigious festivals like Montreux, San Francisco, and Concord. This has made her a very popular act all over the world.

The Caltech Jazz Band: You can get into the groove at Beckman Auditorium.

A jazz band from Caltech rocks Pasadena with their show.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the Caltech Jazz Band, along with Acuña and Fettig, will perform at the Beckman Auditorium at Caltech. This will definitely be a fun night. You won’t want to miss this amazing trip!

Tickets that are Fun for Everyone at a Price They Can Afford

Get your tickets to the jazz extravaganza right now.

Don’t miss the chance to see this musical show for a price that won’t break the bank! People who students, seniors, or teachers can get tickets for just $5 each. While tickets for everyone else cost $10 each. This is a great deal for a night full of great acts and classic songs.

To sum up, please mark your calendars for January 27th and join us at Caltech for a night of jazz magic that you will never forget. The beats will make you want to move, the saxophone will take you on a trip through jazz history, and the music will take you on a journey through music. Come on over!

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